7 Key Habits Of Highly Creative People

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Discover these 7 key habits of highly creative people. 

Highly creative people are not born that way. It is in fact the result of their surroundings and the habits that they have cultivated.

Creativity can be learned or improved on, just like happiness. I believe everybody is naturally creative, you just have to remove the habits and thoughts that are clogging your channels. 

1. Remove external noise


It is hard to get creative ideas when so many voices are jumbled up in your head. Stop feeding your mind junk – avoid celebrity gossips, circular news, and be selective with the music you listen to. 

Debating Ronaldo is better than Messi or vice versa with strangers on the internet isn’t going to improve your life. 

Remember: garbage in, garbage out.

2. Remove self-doubt


Be excited about your ideas. Whether they sound idiotic, feel difficult or look impossible – it doesn’t really matter. Act on them! 

If you keep doubting your abilities, your potential will keep diminishing.
Self-confidence is critical for growth.

Remember: You are not the only one with those ideas – if you don’t materialize them, someone else will.

3. Consume quality content


Whichever is your field of interest, find 3-5 big players who have successfully built a career around it. Learn from them without emulating them. Never compare the quality of your work with theirs.

If you want to get good with marketing, look up already successful marketers, subscribe to their youtube channel, newsletters, or maybe their podcast. 

Don’t just consume content, learn to put the knowledge you acquired to the test by creating.

Spend 20% of your time consuming, and 80% creating.

4. Learn a skill


If you don’t have a pronounced talent, find a hobby or skill that interests you. Practice passionately everyday, the mastery of it will become your talent.

5. Keep a journal close to you


Develop the habit of writing down your ideas – it is a way of thanking your brain for coming up with the idea, and the brain in return will generate more ideas. 

Inspiration can come anytime – eating, in the shower, etc.. you get the idea? 

6. Quit overthinking


Eliminate unnecessary and useless thoughts from your psyche

  • sports, 
  • celebrities, 
  • trends, 
  • politics, or 
  • gender roles debates etc..

Basically anyone or anything that isn’t improving you.

Debating Ronaldo is better than Messi or vice versa with strangers on the internet isn’t going to improve your life. 

Remember: You become what you constantly think about.

7. Learn to relax


The more relaxed you are, the more creative you become. 

Eliminate stress from your body (exercise) and mind (meditate). Massages can be a great way to relax your body. 

Renowned author Robin Sharma recommends weekly massages for overall well being.

To me creativity is a quality of mind. 

Aim to bring that quality into everything you do, find new ways of performing your daily tasks

2021 is your year. Find that creativity flowing in your veins. Carefully practice these habits. 

Watch what you feed your body, mind and soul and witness your life change for the better.

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